PACAVI Group Freighter Solutions

Global innovations in technologies and ever-evolving transnational product demands pose substantial challenges for freighters. PACAVI Groups' aviation experts have a deep understanding of new technologies and have been on the forefront of freighter innovation and conversion for years-- overcoming countless industry challenges. The nearly ubiquitous use of online-shopping presents a whole new set of hurdles. With billions of people having a plentitude of products accessible to them at their fingertips, the continued development of the global two-day fulfillment infrastructure is imperative to modern shipping, and PACAVI is on the forefront of freight innovation.

We use our leading innovation to improve our client's bottom line. PACAVI specializes in passenger to freighter (P2F) and passenger to combined load (P2C) conversions. We work with our clients to determine to be optimal specifications for aircraft conversions, including odd-ball conversions, such as flying hospitals, tankers, or refrigerated cabins; our team meets client specifications in the renovation process. Not only does this provide our clients with an aircraft hand-tailored for their needs, but since the aircraft is purchased used, saves substantial money.

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