PACAVI INTERNATIONAL INC. is a leader in global aircraft management, outfitting and operational services. With a robust and modern fleet, PACAVI uses advanced data systems to optimize aircraft operational performance and maintenance. Our unique method allows lessors to ensure global asset value protection. Our veteran Executive Team uses their 100 years of combined aviation management experience to guarantee the highest levels of service and innovation; specifically, through adaptive financing and leasing models, complex technical conversions and comprehensive project development.

Our Team

Dr. Stephan Hollman

Dr. Stephan Hollmann -- Chief Executive Officer and Shareholder

Stephan is a seasoned aerospace executive and founder of PACAVI. He is internationally acclaimed and recognized for his professional work in the areas of specialized commercial and military mission aircraft. In addition to his role as CEO, Stephan is a Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in Southern California.

Jens Schulz

Jens Schulz -- Member of the Board

Jens can look back on over 17 years of successful entrepreneurship in Germany and Europe. As founder of the CIC Invest Group, whose core business is renewable energy, consulting, real estate and now aviation, he built up and profitably resold various thriving companies. In addition to his experience as CEO of an internationally operating group of companies, Jens has immense knowledge regarding the structuring and sourcing of financing for large projects. Furthermore, he is an accredited consultant of the Bayerische Landesbank Munich.

Jens Strahmann

Jens Strahmann -- Chief Technology Officer

Jens has over 30 years experience in aerospace and has worked on military and civil programs related to fighter aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, passenger aircraft and airships. Additionally, Jens has extensive expertise in airworthiness certification. Prior to joining PACAVI, Jens worked for a number of years with Airbus where he was the Head of Flight Test Measurements, among other positions


Gemma B. Hollmann -- Chief Financial Officer

Gemma’s responsibilities cover all aspects of ensuring financial integrity of the company and providing a transparent strategic direction. Her duties include, but not limited to: Full scope accounting work and Financial Statements reporting. She graduated from San Diego State with a B.S. in Accountancy. She is also a Licensed Broker. She has worked with multiple companies as a Corporate Accountant. In addition, she has experience in Real Estate and Mortgage Lending.

Warren Womack

Warren Womack -- Vice President Aviation Services

Warren is responsible for business development and commercial intelligence gathering of aviation resources. He has extensive experience in knowledge management, process improvement and organizational change.​ Warren is a military veteran who retired from the United States Navy as a Master Chief Petty Officer after serving in the Naval Aviation community for more than twenty years. He was responsible for the upkeep, modifications and flight status of Naval aircraft and has managed aircrafts fleets ranging from 10-100 assets

Nate Torres

Nate Torres -- Vice President Commerical Operations

Nate is responsible for all aspects of contracting, supply chain and deal-shaping for PACAVI. He was previously an executive at a prominent unmanned aircraft company where he negotiated deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars with foreign governments. Additionally, he is a reserve officer in the US Navy JAG Corps, and spent several years on active-duty in the US Navy as a prosecutor, in-house counsel and deployed legal advisor.

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