PACAVI INTERNATIONAL INC. is a leader in global aircraft management, outfitting and operational services. With a robust and modern fleet, PACAVI uses advanced data systems to optimize aircraft operational performance and maintenance. Our unique method allows lessors to ensure global asset value protection. Our veteran Executive Team uses their 100 years of combined aviation management experience to guarantee the highest levels of service and innovation; specifically, through adaptive financing and leasing models, complex technical conversions and comprehensive project development.

Our Team

Warren Womack

Warren Womack -- Aviation Analyst

His responsibilities include Business Development/ Intelligence gathering of commercial and military aviation resources. He manages the day to day operations of PACAVI ASSET MANAGEMENT Information Technology networks throughout the firm.

Warren’s extensive experience in Knowledge Management, Process Improvement, and Organizational Change provide skills and traits for capturing corporate knowledge required for efficient operations.

Theo  Kort

Theo Kort -- Aviation Valuation & Technical Specialist

Responsible for all aircraft appraisals and future values, aircraft deliveries to lessees and back from lease aircraft acceptance procedures and repossession. Portfolio management with financial responsibility. Part of the negotiating team for leases and sales. Active in sales all over the world and directs dealings with the management of airlines.

John Schewel

John Schewel -- Operations Specialist

Assisting in developing and executing the social media marketing strategy, training delivery application design and Quality Control program for a multinational behavioral sales embedding company providing services to the customers.

Stefan Schaefer

Stefan Schaefer -- Manager Customer Interface Germany

Generates efficient and effective processes as well as improving existing processes for aircraft assets in configuration and configuration management; including consistency, maturity, and reliability of product data along the product and project life cycle.

Dr. Stephan Hollman

Dr. Stephan Hollmann -- General Manager

Stephan F Hollmann is an Aerospace Executive and Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in Southern California.

He is currently Chairman/CEO of PACAVI AIRCRAFT CORP. headquartered in San Diego, CA. His responsibilities include Strategic Business Development, Program Management, and Aircraft Asset Management for Industry and Government. Dr. Hollmann manages all aspects of technologies, operations and asset management, financial oversight control, including maintenance, repair, and overhaul.

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