Flight Department Support Services

PACAVI focusses its support on charter companies, corporate and private aircraft owners with customized flight department support services. Our team can be your team, ensuring that your aircraft are prepped and ready to the highest standards of your passengers or owners.

Interior Services

Interior Cleaning Programs

Having a clean and well-maintained aircraft interior enhances the overall travel experience and helps making a positive impression. PACAVI uses OEM-approved cleaning products and processes, and adheres to best practices, industry standards and guidelines for aircraft cleaning and maintenance. Our customers like peace of mind knowing their aircraft are being serviced by professionals.

Comprehensive Interior Services Includes:

Full-Service Interior Detailing Services includes the detailed cleaning of the entire aircraft interior.

Fast Interior Departure Cleaning Services, if a quick turn is required, includes:

  • Antimicrobial Services

  • Leather Softening and Conditioning Services

  • Carpet Cleaning & Extraction Services

  • Fabric Protection Services

Our custom-built full-service interior detailing service includes packages consisting of:

  • Leather seats: Cleaning, Conditioning

  • Galley areas: Cleaning, Sanitizing

  • Lavatory: Cleaning, Sanitizing, surface cleaning

  • Drawers/Cabinets: Cleaning, Organizing, Sanitizing

  • Wood surfaces/Tables: Cleaning, Sanitizing, Polishing

  • Cabin Windows: Cleaning streak free

  • Headliner, decorative and side panels: Spot Cleaning/removal

  • Carpets: Extraction

  • Trash: Emptying, Cleaning/Sanitizing

  • Coffee Pots, Mirrors, Glassware: Cleaning, Sanitizing

  • Cockpit: Dusting, Cleaning, Surface Sanitizing

  • Seats, Carpets: Vacuuming, Cleaning

  • Seat Belts: Organizing

  • Entryway Stairs: Sweeping, Cleaning

Aircraft Stocking Services

PACAVI provides cleaning and stocking services for aircraft between trips, to ensure that each flight meets the high standards of the passengers and exceeds their expectations in terms of comfort and convenience. By acting as an extension of the flight department and working towards the same goal, PACAVI provides a seamless and efficient experience for the passengers.

Comprehensive Exterior Detailing Services Packages

​​​​​​​PACAVI’s complete airframe service does hand wipe downs to produce a clean, spot-free finish, and includes all areas of the aircra

Dry Washing Services

Complete & Partial Exterior Wipe Downs

  • Top

  • Belly

  • Underside of the wings

  • Flaps

  • Wheels

  • Landing gear

  • Cabin windows

  • Nose

  • Top of the wings

  • Leading edges

  • Top of the flaps

  • Underside of the engines

  • The part of the belly from the nose to the leading edge of the wings

  • Landing gear doors

  • Cabin windows

Paint Protection Treatments

Services include:

  • Paint life and shine protection

  • Scratch removal (Minor)

  • Water spots removal

  • Oxidation removal

​​​​​​​Paint protection treatments and services can preserve the life of your aircraft paint and are used and recommended by many OEMs and maintenance facilities. Paint protection treatments and services include:

  • Aircraft Waxing - Regular waxing can help protect the paint from the elements and maintain its shine. It can also help fill in small scratches and imperfections.

  • Paint Protection Treatments - A protective film that is applied to the aircraft's paint to protect it from chips and scratches. It is transparent and does not affect the appearance of the paint.

  • Reactive Polymer Treatments, including X Ceramics®, Boeing certified - PACAVI is using synthetic polymer that is applied to the paint to create a protective barrier. It can help repel water, resist scratches, and protect against UV radiation.

Bright Work and Polish

PACAVI brightwork buff and polish process restores the brightwork on various parts of the aircraft to a mirrored, brilliant shine. This process helps to remove minor scratches, oxidation, and water spots that accumulate over time, and maintains the appearance and value of the aircraft.
It is applied to various parts of the aircraft, including leading edges, horizontal and vertical stabilizers, cockpit windshield frames, APU shrouds, thrust reversers, engine inlet rings, and throats. Brightwork protects the appearance of the aircraft, keeps the positive impression, and enhances the overall travel experience.

Wet Washing Services

PACAVI aircraft washing process includes the use of aviation-approved cleanser and special brushes for safely cleaning the gear. The use of low-pressure water and squeegeeing to dry the aircraft helps prevent water from accumulating in areas that could cause damage. Taking special care with the windows using high-quality cleaners and applicators is also important to maintain visibility and prevent damage to the windows.

Stripping & Polishing Deice Boots

Cleaning and stripping any worn finish off the surface of the boots, followed by the application of an approved refinishing treatment designed to protect and polish the boots. The stripping and polishing process will leave the deice boots with a like-new glossy finish.

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