PACAVI is your one-stop shop to manage all aspects of your aircraft transaction.

Aircraft transactions can be complicated and involve several steps:

  • Locating the aircraft

  • Drafting and negotiating a letter of intent

  • Providing a deposit

  • Drafting and negotiating a purchase agreement

  • Aircraft inspection

  • Aircraft technical acceptance

  • Closing and delivery

In addition to these steps, aircraft transactions require several categories of professionals, including brokers, title and registration companies, mechanics, attorneys, accountants and financing companies. Collecting the team of professionals to conduct the transaction can be daunting.

​​​​​​​PACAVI has over thirty years of aviation experience, a vast network of aviation professionals and can be your one-stop shop to locate your aircraft and manage your aircraft transaction. We can provide recommended professionals from our network and can also integrate members of your team if you have preferred people already on board.


PACAVI INTERNATIONAL has been at the forefront of aviation innovation since its inception. Our expert team is well versed in traversing new terrain in aviation, and our data-driven approach to assessing, and resolving challenging issues is one of our greatest assets.

Our experts routinely consult on complex projects for clients. Whether a client needs expert analysis on a single issue, or a guiding hand through a lengthy and complex aircraft purchase, sale, renovation, or innovation our team is there.

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